Netscape1.0 crashes while loading multiple images

Netscape1.0 crashes while loading multiple images

Post by Bjorn Heimir Bjornss » Tue, 09 May 1995 04:00:00


We have a CGI which generates HTML with data + HREF's to roughly 10 different
inline images.
We experience frequent Netscape1.0 crashes who bring down Win3,
seemingly while Netscape establishes further connections to get the images.
This happens only in-house.  Outside users er quite happy.
It never happens if Netscape is told not to load images,
nor does it happen with Lynx.

The server is Cern3.0.  We tell Netscape to NoProxy on our server
(still Netscape puts the gifs in disk-cache [weird] and seems to read them
from disk sometimes [weirder]).
We use Firefox/Novix to interface from Win to the server (the number of
simultainious users runs out occasionally [suspicious, not?  we will buy
a bigger license soon]).

Does this ring somebodys bell\007 ?
Any help greatly appreciated.


Disclaimer: My personal views above!  Below intentionally left blank.


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