IBM ThinkPad 755Ce, Win 95, MWave Multi-media

IBM ThinkPad 755Ce, Win 95, MWave Multi-media

Post by Ivan W. Halper » Tue, 01 Aug 1995 04:00:00

We've had Win 95 on our offices TP 755's for a while. From
time-to-time the sound will suddenly function and then disappear.

The machines are IBM TPad 755 Ce's, with 24 mb ram, 812 mb h/d, mwave
modems, etc.

Any suggestions as to how to resucitate sound?  BTW, the sound works
just fine when we run DOOM2 under WIN95.



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I will not falme You. But I do intend to correct You. Their is groups
for Win95. Win95 is only MS next upgrade of Winodws. Thirfor all
users will continue to use the fully functional newsgtoups for such

Maybe it should be better with a special newsgroup for non-existing
products (betas, pre-release and so on). I think thats coverd in the
CFV who is out.

m a r t i n  n


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