Program launcher app that reprograms buttons

Program launcher app that reprograms buttons

Post by C Malcol » Sat, 06 May 2000 04:00:00

I third this request.   I too remember the AppHack from my Palm days many
years ago and think it would be a perfect way to get more programs available
from the hardware buttons.

Although getting rid of cascading menus makes things simpler, loading up a
program that hasn't got a hardware button does take slightly longer.  This
program would be a God-send.



> I second that...Apphack was great on the Palm. Any PocketPC programmers
> willing to take this on?

> > Does anyone know of a program launcher app that reprograms the hardware
> > buttons (configurable)?  This way you could hit a HW button assigned to
> your
> > program launcher and then immediately hit another HW button for a
> > app.  If the app could tell which HW button was pressed, then (using the
> > top e100 HW buttons) you could easily get 3 apps per button.  This would
> be
> > a quick way to access 9 apps with only the 3 HW buttons.

> > There was an app/hack on the Palm that did this pretty well.  It was a
> > "hackmaster" extension called AppHack.

> > Thanks,
> > Marty


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