Multiple instances of same view?

Multiple instances of same view?

Post by Wayne Packa » Mon, 30 Oct 1995 03:00:00

: I have an MDI app which needs to have four mdi children open per
: document. Each mdi child contains an instance of the same view class. I'm
: somewhat unfamiliar with MFC's doc/view architecture, so I don't know the
: best way to create these view windows.  I was able to get the four
: windows by posting a "new window" message three times in the initinstance
: function. This method is kludgy, and besides it doesn't work correctly
: when the user opens a document. :-)  Can someone please tell me (or point
: me to the correct place in the documentation) where I should be creating
: these additional mdi children and their associated view instances?

: Thanks in advance...

Hi Everyone,
        I didn't receive any replies to my message about (it's only been
a few hours), but I solved my problem. To anyone who is interested, the
required function is CDocTemplate::CreateNewFrame().




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