device conflict with dual boot of windows 2000 server and windows me

device conflict with dual boot of windows 2000 server and windows me

Post by mister » Mon, 18 Feb 2002 08:18:06

I first formatted my largest hard drive (20GB) with one primary, and
one extended partition with two logical drives (D and E).  I formatted
all as FAT32 as recommended by Microsoft when using W2K and Windows 9x
(no advice was available for Windows ME in the Windows 2000 server
install manual).  I can boot into either system, but neither my
printer or modem work when in Windows 2000- all works fine in Windows
ME.  When I go to device manager in W2K, exclamation marks are next to
my LTP1 and COM4 port.  I've tried changing IRQ settings without any
luck whatsoever.  I have also tried locating drivers compatible with
my IBM Aptiva model 2140- again without any luck (I've looked on IBM's
site as well as other sites).

Any ideas?


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I gave up.  Yes this past time (my 5th using XP) Windows XP was more stable,
until I ran WindowBlinds which took over my themes including Windows' own
theme styles.  Nothing worked.  Finally someone suggested I upgrade to
Windows XP as if a reinstall.  Got my themes back but then every program
crashed.  This time I'm going to wait until another substantial service pack
or update comes out.  I noticed that even while it was stable, it was a game
of odds for any program I ran.  I will instead be upgrading to Windows ME
from 98 and keeping 2000 on my other partition.  I gave XP too many chances.
I've come to somewhat like Windows Messenger and continue to use it, I even
like MSN Explorer for certain things and have that again.


Michael Nelson

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