Win ME ftp/ip problem

Win ME ftp/ip problem

Post by Russel » Thu, 18 Oct 2001 20:04:44

I do not see quite the problem I have mentioned in the earlier
discussions on the group and I would be grateful for any advice.

Set up is Athlon desktop (Win ME) with Realtek NIC connected via hub
to laptop (Win 98)(PMCIA card) and Linux box - recently installed.

Following and ? related to an attempt to run Wingate on the Athlon, I
have lost the ability to use FTP on that machine only. I can use IPX
to map drive between the two Windows machines, and can ping the Linux
machine from the laptop.
BUT I cannot ping the laptop or Linux from the Athlon. I have tried
swapping NIC cards and cables, upgrading drivers, etc. all to no
avail. Tried taking out the NIC, removing settings, reboot and
reinstall, but no joy. Names, IP addresses are apparently OK.

I am also unable to establish PPP dial up networking to AOL. This may
be a line quality problem, but seems to have appeared about the same
time andthe laptop is able to work on the same phone line - different
modem, of course.

Can anyone suggest further cures?


Russell Butler


1. Help: Unusual Win'95/Unix box/WINS problem/TCP-IP problem

Hi all,

My apologies if this is the wrong group.

I have samba1.9.15 running fine on two unix boxes.
They are the primary and secondary WINS servers for the PCs
attached to our office ethernet.

Every PC, with Windows 95 runs fine. The unix boxes can see the
shared disks on the PCs and PCs can see the unix boxes.
And all was good until the day when we put a modem into
one of the PCs on COM 2.

I changed the NE2000 Compatible ether card IRQ from 3 to 12.
I left I/O address range at: 300-31F.

Windows 95 said that all was good. No conflicts.

Well all was not good.
In Win '95 I went into Control Panel / Network and started configuring.

So I reinstalled Windows '95 and tried the above step again.

Then I went into Configuration.
I added:
I know that some of these are added automatically. I am just
listing what is there at the moment.
- Client for Microsoft Networks
- NE2000 compatible card with NetBEUI and TCP/IP under bindings.
  I set IRQ as 12 and left I/O as it was
- NetBEUI - Enabled under Bindings - Client for MS networks
                                   - File and printer sharing
                                     for MS networks
- TCP/IP - here my troubles began.
I can't type in anything in here.
I can't specify ip addresses, subnet masks etc.

It also has under 'WINS configuration':
  'Use DHCP for WINS resolution' - this button is active.
  On the rest of my machines it is inactive - greyed out.

I double checked everything, even my samba setup.
There are no h/w conflicts.

The effected machine can see all the shared harddisks on other
machines and itself in Network Neighborhood, it can't see
the two WINS servers (unix boxes) because of the problems
I listed above.

Any ideas? The machine that is affected does need both the
ethernet connection and the modem.

File and printer sharing is enabled.

Is this a Windows 95 problem, or a h/w problem, or samba?

Thanks in advance.
If this question has been asked before, could you send me the
answer or point me in the right direction.

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