Tooltips only working in Debug mode

Tooltips only working in Debug mode

Post by Adrian Jon » Fri, 05 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Dear All

I have added tooltips to a dialog based MFC application (VC++ 5). These work
fine on all the controls in debug mode but have no effect in release mode.

In release mode the EnableToolTips function succeeds. Yet by putting a message

box into the tooltips handler function I have found that in release it never
receives any tooltip messages. Why are these messages NOT being sent to the
parent window in Release.

Any help appreciated

Thanks Adrian


1. Working on Debug Mode but not Working on Release Mode


My platform is very similar with ASSABET.
The O.S. is WinCE 3.0.
The CONFIG.BIB needs to be modified because of insufficient DISPLAY MEMORY.
But it works on DEBUG MODE using eboot and it doesn't works in Release mode.
The CONFIG.BIB is showing as following.
Is something wrong here???

  NK     80020000  017e0000 RAMIMAGE     ; length = total - amount used e.g.
0xFE0000 + 0x20000 = 0x1000000
  EDBG 8C120000  00020000 RESERVED  ; 2000 for EBOOT - 3 Client memory pools
of 24K
  RAM     8C200000  005F0000 RAM   ; length = total - amount used

  NK     84000000  02000000  RAMIMAGE
  RAM    8C240000  01CFFFFF  RAM ; length is total - used, e.g. 2000000 -
DMA Usage

; Common RAM areas
   AUD_DMA    8c002000  00006000  RESERVED
   SLEEP_SAV  8c058000  00001000  RESERVED
   DRV_GLB    8c059000  00001000  RESERVED
   USB_DMA    8c05A000  00007000  RESERVED
   SER_DMA    8c062000  00002000  RESERVED
   IR_DMA     8c064000  00002000  RESERVED
   TV_VIDEO   8c066000  000A8000  RESERVED
   DISPLAY    8c150000  00050000  RESERVED

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