OLE2 drag 'n drop in non-container apps

OLE2 drag 'n drop in non-container apps

Post by Steve Cann » Wed, 19 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I have an SDI app that needs to make use of drag and drop.  I have
anywhere from 1-256 square bitmaps that represent lighting fixtures
that I want to be able to drag around the client window and drop them
at appropriate locations.  I've used apps where you can hold down the
Ctrl key and click on the objects and they stay marked.  Then, you can
drag the whole mess and drop it where ever provided it does not
overlap anything else.

1.  Does OLE2 support this?

2.  Is the "multiple mark" feature automatic or do I have to implement
this myself?

3.  Does the OLE2 drag 'n drop offer something that regular drag 'n
drop does not?

Any additional comments/observations are always welcome.



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I am working on an application that needs drag and drop capabilities
but  only within the client window.  I do not need to drag between

I have noticed that some applications allow you to mark multiple
objects simultaneously and drag them as a group.  I would like to be
able to do this also.

1.  Should I use the OLE2 drag and drop capabilites?

2.  Does OLE2 drag/drop allow the marking of multiple objects in the
client area automatically.

3.  Most of the documentation on refers to containers.  Is my app both
the drop source and target since it will not be working with any other

Please add any other useful info you deem useful.

Steve Cannon
Austin, TX


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