Desktop Metaphor/Xerox/Apple/HP/MS

Desktop Metaphor/Xerox/Apple/HP/MS

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[While cleaning up my cabinet I stumbled upon an old Byte article
 I thought it might be of interest to people interested in the Apple vs
 HP/MS case. At least I really liked it.

 The article can be found in feb. 83 byte p. 90-114 and it is titled:
 An Interview with Wayne rosing, Bruce Daniels, and Larry Tesler
 A behind-the-scenes look at the development of Apple's Lisa.

 The part I found most interesting is on p. 108 and included below.

 Note: I don't want to start yet another war on apple vs. ms.
 I just want to pass on some info.

 Sorry for the cross posting. I've redirected follow-up's to]

BYTE: Do you have a Xerox Star here that you work with?
Tesler: No, we didn't have one here. We went to the NCC when the Star was
announced and looked at it. And in fact it did have an immediate impact.
A few months after looking at it we made some changes to our user
interface based on ideas that we got from it. For example, the desktop
manager we had before was completely different; it didn't use icons at
all, and we never liked it very much. We decided to change ours to the
icon base. That was probably the onlyu thing we got from the Star, I
think. Most of our Xerox inspiration was Smalltalk rather than Star.

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