compaq c-120 auto-sync cable wanted

compaq c-120 auto-sync cable wanted

Post by David Goo » Sat, 21 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I bought a "new to me" compaq c-120 "PC Companion" handheld which
unfortunately lacked the cable to hook it up to the PC. So I am
desparately in search of a reasonably priced cable, Compaq part number
266512-001 or 266530-001. It's called the "Auto Sync Cable" for the PC

If you have such a cable and are willing to part with it, please email
me back rather than post, just remove the "nospam" from the addy above.

-dave good



    I am looking for an inexpensive palmtop computer to give to my sister as
a present.  I was looking for something very inexpensive like the older
casio A10 or compaq C120.  As long as it is in working condition, and runs
Windows CE 1.0, I will be willing to buy it.  If you have an older unit for
sale in the $100.00 range please e-mail me asap, because I would like to
have the unit by the end of March.  Thank you all in advance,


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