OLE drag and drop

OLE drag and drop

Post by Arun » Sat, 15 Mar 1997 04:00:00


        Iam working on a VC++4.0/Win95 project. In my application, i have a
bitmap image (which has a few hardware chips on it), displayed to my main
window. I need to add drag and drop features to it. The drag source is the
list box of the default File Open dialog box and the target is the chips
in the bitmap. As of now, i know that i will have to create a
COleDropTarget and a COleDropSource. Since my view is the target, i know
that CMyView should have a COleDropTarget member. Also i call the
Register() fn. to register the target. But how do i create the
OleDropSource as my FileOpen dlg box is the source. Also what are the
messages that i will have to handle to implement this drag and drop.

Please send me the information in detail. Also reply to my address


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Rob Nielsen

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