Help networking problem

Help networking problem

Post by DOZWOL » Thu, 18 Oct 2001 21:08:42

Hi Guys,

Please help if you can. I have win 2k

I had a cpu burnout today that also burned my gigabyte motherboard.
I put in a new gigabyte and a new cpu and evrything was
fine although all my drivers needed reinstalling (inc network realtec

suddenly my start button is really slow to work (soemtime its ok for  
afew mins).

I dont know what it is. I beleive it is something to do with my network
settings (it works OK when i disable my network card)

I use as my ip as it acts as a gateway for another machine
on the network.

thanks guys

King Doz


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This morning we had a power outage for about 10 minutes.  When the power
came back and I rebooted these 4 machines, the network now is very slow.
Screens that used to be almost instant now take 15 or 20 seconds to display
the data.

I have rebooted, ran scandisk, etc. and nothing helps.  Using WinME with 100
meg cards and a linksys 4 port router.

Is it possible that some settings may have changed.

Any ideas greatly appreicated.

Don Harvey

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