Windows Write-Any shareware alternatives

Windows Write-Any shareware alternatives

Post by G.T. Thorl » Tue, 06 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have been using Write for basic letters and such for home use and
don't want to spend money on a full fledged program such as word. Are
there any good freeware/shareware programs out there with more
features ie: envelope capability, built in spellcheck. Iunderstand
Win95 has a better WP but am not interested in upgrading at this time.

1. Windows Movie Maker as an alternative to Windows Media Encoder

    I'm considering upgrading from 98 to Me if only for the Movie Maker
software. I'm really tired of struggling with this encoder thing, and sixty
bucks to upgrade this machine beats the two-hundred-odd bucks I'd have to
spend for a single support incident with Microsoft (I'm becoming convinced
that that's how they make their money).
    If anyone has any thoughts or alternatives, I welcome them.


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