displaying tooltips on custom dockable CToolBarCtrl

displaying tooltips on custom dockable CToolBarCtrl

Post by Paul Harpe » Wed, 29 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I am having trouble gettings tooltips to display on a custom dockable
CToolBarCtrl (created at runtime). Have created a tooltip control,
it to the controlbar, have called tooltip.activate, called addtool for
button on the control bar

     CRect butrect;
     tbc.GetItemRect(buttonindex, &butrect);   // get rectangle
                                               // of button

     CToolTipCtrl* pttc = tbc.GetToolTips();

     pttc->AddTool( this, (const char *)pchBut->mButtonHelp,
        &butrect, idOfLastButtonAdded);

but still no joy.
Do I give the owner of the tooltip as the CToolBarCtrl, or the main
Frame window?
Do I still need to respond to tooltip notify messages, and if so where
(the main frame window or the CToolBarCtrl?
Do I need to relay mouse messages from somewhere to somewhere else?

I find the documentation a bit confusing vis a vis CToolBar,
CToolBarCtrl and the whole tooltip saga.

Using Spy++, i notice a wm_notify message to my main frame window
whenever I move the mouse over a new toolbar button, but my

BOOL CMainFrame::OnToolTipNotify( UINT id, NMHDR * pNMHDR, LRESULT *
pResult )

never seems to get called.

My message map entry is


Any help much appreciated.

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