Winsock on Pentium

Winsock on Pentium

Post by Peter Benda » Sat, 13 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I have just upgraded a PC from a 386/33 to a Pentium90
All the interfaces, except the IDE, Floppy and Serial ports (now on the Mother
 Board) are exactly the same as before.
Software is unchanged

Winsock over Ethernet appears to have stopped working

Does anyone have similar experience or workaround?


     NI5210 packet-driver at 0x60
     Winpkt at 0x60
     XFS at 0x60
     Winpkt at 0x62

          CUTCP, Telnet and FTP both ways, are still working at DOS level as
           are the shared disks and PCNFSD Printing.

     Under Windows, TCPMAN is unchanged - but

          EWAN, WS_FTP, NETFO no longer work, and EWAN causes GPFs if exited
           and TCPMAN crashes out after EWAN is aborted
          It seems from watching NETSCAPE or NETFO's NSLookup that nothing is
           communicating (Netscape - "looking up www.xxxxx.xxxx")


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