NT-->PPP Provider-->Logon to NT Server Domain?

NT-->PPP Provider-->Logon to NT Server Domain?

Post by A.J. Sing » Thu, 06 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Is there a way to use NT RAS (or another method) to log on
to an NT Domain _AFTER_ logging into a 3rd Party PPP Provider?

Our MIS group provides a secure PPP logon method.  I do not
want to have to set up my own NT RAS Server if I don't have
to.  Can this be done?


A.J. Singh


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I wonder if anyone can help me about the above setup, I install NT 3.5 workstation
on one of the LAN node at my office with NT RAS server.  At the office, I can access
the NET through our LAN's router, say to browse the web or read newsgroup is OK.

However, though NT RAS server should be able to work as a PPP Server, when I use
trumpet, or even another NT RAS client to establish a PPP link with the RAS server,
I can't even ping the server's IP address, not to say netscape, ...

Any help? TIA :-(


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