Misc Windows 98(2nd ed) Related Questions

Misc Windows 98(2nd ed) Related Questions

Post by Stev » Sat, 04 Aug 2001 22:52:26


I'm in the process of cleaning up a hard drive for a windows 98 box (
2nd edition ).

I was hoping someone could point me to some good docs or books where I
can read up on the

issues below.  I want to learn.


1.  How can I tell if my windows 98 second edition box is running with
fat32 or fat16?

2.  I ran "format c: /s" on my hard drive without running fdisk first.
 Was this a bad thing ?
    Do I need to start over with fdisk then go to format c: /s ?.

3.  Where can I read up on how to partition hard drives?  Where can I
learn what all of the

options in fdisk mean?

4.  Making a boot diskette using control panel | add/remove programs
in windows 98 is very

easy but it doesn't include the cd rom drivers you need to run your cd
rom so you can use the

win 98 cd.  Is it enough for me to just copy the cd drivers to the
boot diskette and from

there copy it to c:\cdrom or do I need to make/run an install program
for the cd rom drivers?

5. Is there a utility I can get that will tell me what hardware I have
in my computer( msdos

or windows ) and will let me save the information to a file?

6. I would like to buy some new external peripherals for my box.  Most
of these require a USB

port.  I have a 3 year old gateway box ( G6-333 ).  Do I have a usb
port?  How do I tell? If I

don't can I get some sort of adapter?

Thanks in advance for any or all help with these questions



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