Network cable unplugged Status message on the "Network and Dial-up" folder

Network cable unplugged Status message on the "Network and Dial-up" folder

Post by Albretc » Mon, 10 Sep 2001 07:32:02


 I have a Windows 98 Laptop that I need to network with a Windows 2000 PC
which has a DSL connection to the Internet.

 My Windows 2000 machine is connecting to the internet via DSL just fine,
through an on board Ethernet Adapter, but the 3COM

EthernetLink (3C905C-TX) card I am using is showing a "Network cable
unplugged" Status message on the "Network and Dial-up

Connections" folder.

 I have done all I have read off the internet/newsgroups, I have tested that
the cable is firmly plugged, re-installing the

card, taking the card off the machine and plugging it again, ... , but
without finding solution

 What I want to do is connect the labtop to the other Ethernet card and
connect to the internet. How do I do that?

 Please, tell me what I have to do operationally like "go start. ..." I am
not a technical person



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button. There has to be some way to disable this warning. Any hints out

Thanks for any suggestions.


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