No autostart on cd-rw or dvd/cd drives

No autostart on cd-rw or dvd/cd drives

Post by Mike Gillar » Fri, 16 Nov 2001 23:23:08

Autostart on WinME system (new Dell Inspiron 8000) won't work. I have tried
settings (auto insert notification), also have disabled Roxio programs
(DirectCD and Easy CD Creator 5)  fromsystray. Dell tech support can't help.



Mike Gillard


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     hi. i was wondering if anyone can help me. one problem that i have is with my cd-rom/dvd drive. my computer has stated that it is functioning properly; however when i put a disc in the drive it will not play. a message that says please put disc in drive appears even though a disc is in it already. my cd-rw drive will play a disc with audio tracks but i cannot send any files to the drive to burn or copy. i have already uninstalled both, rebooted, and let windows xp redetect and reinstall both. if anyone can help thanks.

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