Invisible workstation via WLAN-

Invisible workstation via WLAN-

Post by Vance Gree » Mon, 01 Sep 2003 12:56:55

OK, I've had this network issue ever since I put a
wireless AP on it and started using a couple portable
devices about a year ago...

I've been able to ignore/work around it till now, but
can't any more.


Small home network, 10/100 hub, four machines, mixed OS's,
two W98SE, two W2K prof.

Dedicated proxy server running WinProxy on
one of the W98 machines, two NIC's in this machine,
one goes to the network hub, one goes to my IDSL

NetBEUI and TCP/IP running on the network.

Wired network operations are fine.  Proxy operation
both wired and wireless is fine.


Can't see the proxy machine name via
network browsing over the WLAN, which means
I can't access any of the printers or other network
resources there.  Can ping the IP of this box
OK via wireless.  Can see this box OK from other
boxes on the 10/100 stuff.  Can see other machines
on the network via WLAN OK, just not this one.

Have tried so much stuff to resolve this, I'm
not gonna go into it here.

Willing to try any suggestions you may have.