Tough one!

Tough one!

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This is quite a tough Windows 95 problem. Here it is, note that I have the swedish W95 and my translation may not be 100 %.
Basically my problem is that some units use a MS-DOS compatible filesystem and not 32-bit. The virtual memory is also in MS-DOS compatible mode and so are both my harddrives. When I take a look at the "unithandler" and "harddrives control units" there is an exclamation mark on the primary and secondary IDE-controllers. Investigating this further tells me that "The unit isn't installed, isn't working or isn't fully installed." Evidently this is a code 10, whatever that means. In the same place is a "Standard dual PCI IDE-controller" which is working just fine. There are no conflicts.
The only disk W95 can find, according to the "unithandler", is the floppy disk. No harddrives!
I have tried to remove the "Standard Dual PCI IDE-controller" to install it again, but when I do this my computer hangs. I have tried to let W95 search for my harddrives, but nothing is found.
I have two Western Digital harddrives on 850 and 1000 Mb. An Award mainboard. 32 Mb RAM.
Pretty please with sugar on top, *HELP ME*! I've ran out of ideas.


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Is there a way to the change the filenames within WMP
 I used LapLink to tranfer all the data from my 98SE
computer to my new XP system.  Unfortunately, the data --
including all my music files -- was on the C: drive.  No
big except there was 7GB of music on that drive. Now the
C: drive on my XP is almost full!
 I would have transferred the music to the XP system's D:
drive, but then all the manual entries I made to WMP for
each track (lyrics, album, genre, etc) would have been
lost. Why -- because all the "targets" listed in
MediaPlayer were in the C: drive; if I renamed the files
(ie., relocated them to the XP's D: drive), MediaPlayer
would not have the correct target.  I would have had to
reenter all the track information that I had already
manually entered over the course of three years. No
thanks.  The only option I could figure was to transfer
the existing mp3's to the XP system's C: drive, and then
create a music file in the D: drive for any new mp3 files.
 My question is this: If I go ahead and transfer all the
music to my D: drive, is there a way to edit JUST the
filename within WMP itself?  This would let me keep the
manually entered info and allow WMP to locate the correct
file.  I sure could use some help.


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