Install Options Disappeared!!Install Options Not Appearing

Install Options Disappeared!!Install Options Not Appearing

Post by Randy Walberg - Mus » Fri, 19 May 1995 04:00:00

Hi there,

I can't seem to get some options to appear in the install/remove programs
dialog.  I have drivespace installed but not running and some other options
that I am not using but they do not appear in the check lists so I can not
uncheck them to have them uninstalled.  They were there before because I did
not install all of the options at the same time.

I am also missing the cdplayer.exe that the auto-play feature seems to want.
Is it possible to substitute a different player if I can't install it?

Randy Walberg


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I have done many installs of Home/Pro XP.
XP is not giving me the option of Fat options on
formating a unpartitioned drive. They just default and  
only list option's: ntfs and ntfs quick.
   When you are requested to boot to a Dos disk so much
in many software/hardware---applications/installations
and the only way you can get this done in XP is through
fat partitions and a Dos Bootable disk 98/ME.
    Why does MS run us around and call for things like XP
Dos Boot disk along with software/hardware companies and
there is no such thing unless you use a 98/ME Dos
bootable on a fat formated harddrive with XP? Can the fat
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is the differance? Help why are things this way.

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