Pocket IE & Pocket Office for NINO?

Pocket IE & Pocket Office for NINO?

Post by Spark » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Do such creatures exist?  Does anyone know of pocket Office or Pocket IE for
NINO.  Also,  how can I accomplish network connectivity?  Is there any
network adapter out there for the NINO?



1. Pocket Office Apps for Pocket-PC

Here is a nice article in PCWorld


Maybe I can even beat WinCE-Online to the punch ...

All I can say is ... pocket office, enhanced Inbox, multimedia ... BRING IT
ON!!! I personally can't wait for the next HPC version ...

As some haev said, perhaps the 3rd release will be the charm ... it seems to
be the MS way.


MouseTrap ...
I wanted to play MouseTrap ...
You roll the dice, you move your mice ... no one gets hurt!
--- Bob the Tomato

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