HELP: setting up TCPIP traffic between 2 net cards in WIN95 PC

HELP: setting up TCPIP traffic between 2 net cards in WIN95 PC

Post by Paul Marti » Thu, 10 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I have a WIN95 PC that has two net cards, a first for a twisted
pair connection to a LAN server and a second for a thin coax
peer-to-peer connection to a Mac.

I have been running PC Maclan for WIN95 on the peer-to-peer
connection, but would like to establish a TCPIP
connection to the Mac through the PC so that I can FTP files
directly to the LAN server.  There are reasons I won't go into
why I do not want to directly connect the Mac to the LAN server.

I have installed MacTCP on the Mac.

I have also been running MS IPX on the PC for printer and file
sharing with selected PCs on the LAN.

I have separate IP addresses for the two PC net cards and for
the Mac net card.

The first net card in the PC has a LAN gateway and subnet mask
assigned by our ISS organization (which does not wish to support
us because we are doing something that is 'non-standard').  I am
assuming that the setup of the first PC net card is not at
issue, since the PC has full access to the internet.  Let me
know what to do if this assumption is incorrect.

At issue is the setup of the second PC net card and the Mac net
card.  Should I use the same gateway and subnet mask for the
second net card in the PC and for the Mac net card, or should I
use different addresses?  Do I use the IP address of the first
net card as the gateway address of the second net card and the
Mac net card?

I have tried various combinations of gateway and subnet mask
addresses for the second PC net card and Mac net card to no
avail.  No matter what I try, I can sucessfully ping the Mac
from the PC, but the Mac cannot see past the second PC net card.
 This has led me to suspect that I may need some sort of gateway
or routing software (possibly something similar to WinGate,
which is used for dial-up connections) to get the two PC net
cards to communicate.  Is this correct?  If so, what program
should I use?

Thanks a bunch - Paul


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