MFC DAO Dist. File List? Help!

MFC DAO Dist. File List? Help!

Post by Alirez » Fri, 13 Sep 1996 04:00:00

What files (runtime dlls)  would one need to distribute with MFC DAO
Application EXE?
I would appreciate your help.



I would like to create a MFC DLL that exports classes that will access the =
DAO objects.  I seems to be having a number of stumbling blocks and I'm =

wondering if anybody can give a hand.

1.  Created an extension DLL so that my derived ( CObject ) objects can be =
nicely imported by an executable, good so far.  Problem here is can't use D=
AO =

because it uses AFX derived objects and in the references it states that ex=
tension DLL's can used oject that directly or indirectly use AFX.

quote from the MSDN help

"An MFC extension DLL uses a shared version of MFC in the same way an appli=
cation uses the shared AFXDLL version of MFC, as described in the article =

DLLs: Using the Shared AFXDLL Version of MFC, with a few additional conside=
=B7     It does not have a CWinApp-derived object.
=B7     It calls AfxInitExtensionModule in its DllMain function. The return val=
ue of this function should be checked. If a zero value is returned from =

AfxInitExtensionModule, return 0 from your DllMain function.
=B7     It will create a CDynLinkLibrary object during initialization if the ex=
tension DLL wishes to export CRuntimeClass objects or resources to the =

If I try to set up CWinApp object I can't get it to cleanup cleanly and end=
 up throwing an exception ( even with directly calling the ExitInstance() )=

2. Ok so I figure then I will create a regular DLL and statically link in M=
FC.  Problem here is when I try to import the exported classes into the =

executable I get linking problems ( unresolved externals from the DLL ).

I have tried using the AFX_EXT_CLASS macro and I can get the classes to exp=
ort but I can't import into the executable.

Any ideas?  Any source somewhere to help get around this?  Or am I complete=
ly off base and it is not possible to be done this way ( which I can't beli=
eve =


Thanks in advance =

        David Templeton

        voice  519.888.7111x301
        Open Text Corporation
        Waterloo, ON

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