EMWAC WAIS and Netscape Server

EMWAC WAIS and Netscape Server

Post by Steve Full » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I am in the process of setting up an internal company wide web server on
an NT platform. I have the Netscape Commerce Server and the EMWAC WAIS
toolkit and server installed. I have my documents indexed as well. What
I'm looking for is some sort of primer on how to set up the forms and the
rest of the HTML in order to successfully feed requests to the WAIS server
and have the results piped back.

I'm somewhat new to HTML, but have had an easy time of figuring things out
so far. Pointers to information is all I really need.


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I've recently downloaded both the EMWAC WAIS and Web server. I've got the Web up and running but am
wondering how to make the WAIS server interface with the Web server. Does anyone have an example of
how this done?

Any help is appreciated

John Spilker

John Spilker
Resolution Business Press, Inc.

Publisher of "Internet for Parents" and "Teaching with the Internet"

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