Advantage of MFC Doc/View model for MDI app

Advantage of MFC Doc/View model for MDI app

Post by George JS Sh » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00


I'm currently looking to port our legacy Win16 SDK MDI app to Win32
using MFC 3.x under VC++ 2.2.  I understand that MFC 2.x support
something called Doc/View concept.  It seems that i have two choices
under MFC in writing MDI app.  I can either use the AFX support for
MDI or go with AFX support for document & views.  However, it seems
that the AppWizard will only generate Doc/View MDI app.

Could someone explain simply what Doc/View model will do for you that
straight MFC MDI can't?  My application is a Window based de*
program with multiple child windows.  For instance, i would have the
source window, register window, disassembled window, watch window,
stack window, and data dump window.  It seems Doc/View model is only
good if user is allowed to make direct editing on each of the child
window, print directly from it, and save.  However, this de*
program doesn't allow those.  Any change to each child window pops up
a change dialog which then the window content changes.  

Well, i would appreciate any feedback since i need to choose the MDI
development path pretty quick.  Thanks again.

Thanks everyone...



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I am trying to convert an OWL doc/view application to an MFC doc/view
application, and I don't know how to handle user defined messages.

In OWL I do as follows:

const int vnMyEvent = vnCustomBase + 1;
NOTIFY_SIG(vnMyEvent, TPoint&)
#define EV_VN_MYEVENT VN_DEFINE(vnMyEvent, VnMyEvent, pointer)

class TMyView : TView {
void EvMyEvent (TPoint& point);    



TMyView::EvMyEvent(TPoint& point)

I have seen the example in the MFC FAQ 4.0, but here the parameters are
not unpacked.

In your answer please keep in mind that I am completely new to MFC


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