Wingate and firewall

Wingate and firewall

Post by Slivert » Tue, 23 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone explain me what a firewall and a gateway are??? Is it a special
configured computer or is it just a piece of software??

1. WMP6 and Wingate/Firewall combination

Help! Does anybody have experience of configuring Windows Media Player 6 (i
have WIN95) to run on a small home network with Wingate / BlackIce and
streaming audio on my small server? I have tried a number of ports and
configuration options but still get a file path error message even though it
does seem to access the correct IP address - the streamseems to be faulty
but plays fine on the server itself. Any suggestions gratefully received. Oh
i am running two NIC's in the server and a small hub. Ta in anticipation!
Dave Stewart

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