w2k active directory GPO active desktop image changing

w2k active directory GPO active desktop image changing

Post by JNor » Wed, 21 Aug 2002 05:45:48

Through a GPO affecting everyone, I have set the active desktop to
turned on, and have set the image. In this policy the settings are as

enable active desktop - enabled
disable active desktop - disabled
disable all items - enabled
prohibit changes - enabled
prohibit adding items - enabled
prohibit deleting items - enabled
prohibit editing items - enabled
prohibit closing items - enabled
add/delete items - disabled
active desktop wallpaper - enabled
allow only bitmapped wallpaper - enabled

Before, I had disabled the allow only bitmapped wallpaper, and was
using a jpg for the image. I read on a few posts that there seem to be
problems when using html or jpeg, so I am now using the same exact
logo except in bmp format.

What was happening, is that for some reason throughout the day, for no
apparent reason, the wallpaper was changing to a web page - the user's
home page. The wall paper itself was set to just the company logo. The
file is nto read only, it should not have been locked... and it would
just occur sporadically.  MS has nothing documented. I searched
newsgroups... to no avail.


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