DriveSpace Question

DriveSpace Question

Post by cz » Wed, 29 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I was trying to Compress my h/d.  I cancelled before it started.  But
now I
always get a warning message when I boot my machine.  The error message

"DriveSpace Warning: The drivespace VxD and the DriveSpace real mode
are mismatched, you may need to reinstall them."  (in a blue full

I can run all of applications fine, but I can't run scan disk or
disk.  I would get an error saying mismatch...  Anyone know how I can
this problem?


Changpeng Zhao


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I have a compaq presario 2200 with win95 b  also ie4.01sp1...
the question is since the drive is running on fat32 and drivespace 3 can not work i am wanting to uninstall drivespace3 ( it is not in the control panel /windows setup or add/remove) somehow recently drivespace and dblspace bin showed up listed in the c drive,
i was unable to run scandisk from a dos prompt till i deleted the reference to the bin files. i want to do a highlight and delete. any thoughts would be helpfull

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