What's happened to msnews.microsoft.com/microsoft.public.windowce ?

What's happened to msnews.microsoft.com/microsoft.public.windowce ?

Post by Gavin Brelstaf » Thu, 17 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Am I alone or has any else notice the lck of new post to


these last few days?

What's up doc?

Gavin Brelstaff - BioMedical Area, CRS4 in Sardinia


1. msnews.microsoft.com\microsoft.public.basic.dos

            Re: Dr. Solomon Antivirus and/or dialog box popups during
            Mon, 29 Dec 1997 07:31:28 -0500


I forgot to ask if you would please also reply via email as I am an
over-the-road truck driver and only get in to check the news groups at
most once a month and my sister only knows how to check email.  Please,

Thnx again!

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