Netscape bookmarks: transferring from net 2.0 to net 3.01

Netscape bookmarks: transferring from net 2.0 to net 3.01

Post by Gary Crambli » Wed, 22 Jan 1997 04:00:00

>Ive  used the "import" feature in Netscape 2.0. You know
>go bookmarks/file/import. No problm.
>But in Netscape 3.01 Import doesn't. Import brings up the open file
>box. You select the file off your floppy and select open - but the
>file doesn't transfer.

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1. Netscape 3.01 and MS 3.01 against IIS 2.0, authentication problems w/MS 3.01

I have an IIs 2.x server set up using Challenge/Response
authentication.  I'm on the corporate side of a Proxy server that will
not allow Clear Text authentication.  Don't ask, I don't know why, or if
it is an issue.  Corporate bureaucratic ..blah..blah..

MS 3.01 (or any version I guess), when used with IIs 2.x, allows the use
of NT's actual Domain/Username account information to be used as the
authentication mechanism (apparently).  Here's what I mean;

I have Domain Controller "WEBMAIN" running IIs 2.x.  I connect using a
Win95 client logged into WEBMAIN as FRED.  FRED has access to
\\WEBMAIN\INETPUB\WWWROOT\STUFF (as defined through his account
rights).  With out adding any authentication changes vie the Webserver
admin utility, FRED can gain access to his 'stuff' with out having to
enter information in a Authentication dialog box.

However, if I use Netscape's 3.01 (or any version I guess) and try
access the webserver while logged in as FRED (as above), I get an
Authentication dialog box, requesting a Username and Password for

I suspect this has something to do with Netscape's browser not knowing
how to use Microsoft's new fangled Domain/Username 'stuff' as defined

Is this the case?

Is there a work around?

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