Multi-PPP under NT 4.0 with a non-NT server?????

Multi-PPP under NT 4.0 with a non-NT server?????

Post by Bill Woode » Sat, 21 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I can't seem to be able to connect to my ISP with both B channels of my
DigiBoard Datafire U. The first channel calls and authenticates fine,
but after the second one calls, the host machine denies it access! My
ISP is using an Ascend ISDN router.

Thanks for any info.
| Bill Wooden |

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Could someone please explain or lead me to where I can get further


I create a local user on an NT 4.0 Workstation , eg. test000

I create an account on a NT 4.0 Server (enterprise ed. a PDC) the id
and password as the workstation user id - the user belongs to the
domain users group.

I create a share on the server eg: d:\files with permission granted to

Now I long into the workstation locally , without authenticating
outside, (ie using the local sam.)

I try mapping a drive to the NT server share, and the drive is mapped
automatically without any challege.

My question is why does this automatically happen ? aren't there two
separate SAM databases, on the local machine and the sam on the PDC??

However if I can change either password, (ie no longer in sync), only
then I get a challege.

Does this happen in WIN2K ????



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