WIN95 printing to Unix Print Server using TCP/IP.

WIN95 printing to Unix Print Server using TCP/IP.

Post by Norman H Samuelso » Sat, 09 Dec 1995 04:00:00

>Windows 95 -- I trying to route my print jobs to a Unix Print
>Server using TCP/IP.  I've tried the WLPRS40D shareware
>program but can't get it to work (jobs are displayed locally
>in the queue but not on the Print Server).  I think it's
>because a DNS is not defined.  I need a Windows 95 Line
>Printer Program (TCP/IP) that allows me to define a (DNS)
>Domain Name Server.  WLPRS40D does not have this capability.  
>Can anyone help?  A reply would be appreciated.

Individual programs should not need to have their own
copy of the DNS server address.  That address should be
kept by the TCP/IP stack.  I use WLPRSPL with Win95 all
the time.  It works very well.

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1. WIN95 printing to Unix Print Server using TCP/IP.

An lalternative is to run Samba on the Unix box assuming you have a
C compiler on it. Samba lets a Unix box join a MS Workgroup (WfW3.11,
NT or Win95) and fits in nicely with the MS way.

I'm currently using it between a BSD/OS (BSD Unix) PC  and a Win95 pc.

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