Run time Windows 3.x?

Run time Windows 3.x?

Post by r.. » Sat, 17 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I run a LAN in a public library, and we need a way to use Windows only
to run an app then automatically exit back to our menu in DOS.

We are running over 150 Windows apps off a CD jukebox and 29 CD
players* off our Novell 3.12 file server.  Our menu system is
the DOS SaberMenu.

Getting a Windows app to fire along with Windows is no problem.  When
a patron exits the app, they are back at the program manager.  I can
take out all the icons so they can't see anything, and can only exit
Windows, but we'd prefer if there was a way to quit Windows without
human intervention.

Microsoft says it can't be done.

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