How to view counters for TCP/IP processes with Performance Monitor?

How to view counters for TCP/IP processes with Performance Monitor?

Post by R. Nottro » Sun, 24 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I overlooked something in my earlier news post that is perhaps
crucial, possibly even causing my problem.  My network connection is a
PPP dial-up using the RAS phone dialer (the NT server on which I am
running the Performance Monitor, Net Monitoring Agent, WINS, and SNMP
dials out to a CISCO terminal server for a PPP connection).  Now, the
NT 4.0 manuals also say:
"... The Network Monitor Agent collects statistics from the computers
network adapter card by putting it in promiscuous mode, a state in
which the network adapter card can be directed by a device driver to
pass on to the operating system all the frames that pass over the
network. To determine if your card supports promiscuous mode, see the
documentation that accompanies the card."

I am wondering if this all works only with a network card, but not
with a modem.  Would you have any insights here?

Thanks again.

Rudolf Nottrott

>On an NT 4.0 server running WINS and SNMP over TCP/IP, I am trying to
>use the Performance Monitor to view counters specific to TCP/IP
>processes.  I am having no success, although I followed the lead of
>the manuals as explained below.  I hope that you can provide some
>The Windows NT server manual on Concepts and Planning Chapter 8 talks
>about Monitoring Network Activity.  It says that:
>"To view counters specific to TCP/IP processes, select the appropriate
>object in the Add To Chart dialog box in Performance Monitor.....
>and it adds:
>"To use TCP/IP performance counters in Performance Monitor, you must
>install the Simple Network Management (SNMP) service. The FTP Server,
>DHCP Server, WINS Server, and DNS Server performance objects are
>available only when you install both the service and the SNMP
>The Add To Chart dialog box shows  many objects, including WINS, but
>none of those objects appears to have any counter relating to TCP/IP.
>WHY???  Am I making a mistake here, or is my interpretation of the
>manuals wrong?
>Thanks for your help and advice.
>Rudolf Nottrott, Univ. of Washington, Seattle


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