FTP server on NT

FTP server on NT

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> Hi everybody,
>   We have a small development network (10 workstations not including NT
> server) setup running NT 3.51 on the server.  Protocol being used is TCP/IP.
> We recently setup the FTP server service from NT 3.51 .  Our main concern is
> about security and rights to access files and directories by the users who will
> access this service.
> Must we have to create a special domain for these FTP client users?
> Or just a new group?
> What about the rights to "see" "get" "put" and "delete" files from the FTP
> client users?

The simplest way I've found to handle FTP security is to put the FTP server on an
NTFS separate disk parition. Then you can restrict FTP users to that partition
with a high degree of security.

Also, check your FTP server program to see what kind of security it has built in.

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1. NT 3.5 ftp server baffles Netscape ftp-ing: help

We just set it up and had the same problem. There is a key in the registry
that toggles whether the FTP server in 3.51 displays file names using a DOS
or Unix listing convention. Netscape likes to see the Unix one.

Look at page 553 of the NT Resource Book. You are interested in the
"MsdosDirOutput" value (change it from a 1 to a 0), you may need to create
this key since I think it leaves it out in the default installation.

: Dear Everyone,
: We've just discovered that if you ftp to our NT ftp server, Netscape only
: displays the date column of the ftp server's DOS-like file and dir
: listing: no file names or anything else are displayed in Netscape. When
: you click on the date, you get an error message. Apparently Netscape can
: only understand unix ftp servers? Does anyone know anything about this or
: how to fix it?
: Thanks so much,
: RB

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