Windows CE 2.0 Inbox bug?

Windows CE 2.0 Inbox bug?

Post by Hyun Soo Par » Tue, 17 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I noticed that everytime I delete any single message from my inbox, it
always deletes the first message in the list even if the first message was
NOT selected for deletion;  The first message and the selected message gets
deleted.  Is this a bug?  Can somebody else confirm this.  Thanks.

BTW, if I select multiple messages for deletion, than the first message
does not get deleted.

I'm running Windows CE 2.0 on a Sharp Mobilon HC-4100.

Hyun Soo Park


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I'm using a VELO 500 with CE2.0, Outlook 98 on the desktop:

1. On your HPC, create a task, give it a title, and insert some data in the
notes field.
2. Synch your HPC with Outlook 98
3. The Notes data does not synch.

Anyone else able to replicate this?

Jason C. Howlin

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