Fax/modem problems during configuring MS Fax-Windows Messaging

Fax/modem problems during configuring MS Fax-Windows Messaging

Post by fertilecresc.. » Thu, 13 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have Microsoft Outlook Express & Windows Messaging.  I am having trouble
correctly configuring MS Fax to receive/answer/retrieve faxes.  FYI I have a
fax/modem I have Windows 95, my ISP (Internet Service Provider is
Mindspring), and I have one phone line that sharing the telephone, Internet,
and fax.  Now if you know the set up process ignore the next couple of lines.
 If your right click your inbox (usually on your desktop), a screen with 3
tabs that say Services, Delivery, & Addressing.  The Services tab shows all
the info services that are set up in your profile.  Now if you highlight MS
Fax (MS=Microsoft) and click the Properties button underneath, you'll get
another box titled MS Fax Properties with 4 tabs named Message, Dialing,

click the Properties tab (on the side of this box), this will bring you to
how you will answer your faxes.  Look at the Answer Mode box.  It has 3 radio
buttons named: Answer after "x" rings (with a drop list), Manual, and Don't

Now that I've taken you through the set up process that I went through; What
I'm /did I do wrong for me not to be able to receive/retrieve/answer my
incoming faxes.  When I launch/open" Windows Messaging' if I have a fax it's
not listed in my inbox.  A fax icon appears on my task bar.  When I click it
I have the option to "answer now".  When I do by clicking that button, it
initializes my modem & connects as well as rings.  BUT, I get the recording
you would get if you leave your receiver/phone of the hook.

I have successfully sent faxes; I just can't accept/retrieve incoming faxes.

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