ACTOR: info & info request

ACTOR: info & info request

Post by Wolfgang A. Wern » Thu, 14 Mar 1991 01:40:40

naivete? i received an ad in mail: ACTOR 3.0 for $99.99 until 910401
1-800-323-1809.  i assume it was keyed from my purchase of BORC++prof.

REQUEST: please comment as to the worthwhileness of this software and
its area of use.  i have absolutely NO idea about this as a language,
window tool, db tool etc.  ALSO, please focus me to the correct
group to which this subject belongs.

please respond to the news groups as i have not consistently received
mail here.


wolfgang (this life is totaly for my own interest)


1. Inter-Actors Info

Inter-Actors is a new generation of MIDI controller developed by TIME TECH
(Thierry Carron, Yann Orlarey, Herve Lequay & Dominique Fober), GRAME, France.
It is based on the MidiShare MIDI system and enables to explore the multitude
of possibilities between parameters and produce smooth and continous
effect changes.
Imagine a virtual joystick allowing interaction between up to 64 Midi messages
of any type at once !

By contrast, the usual hardware or software linear faders are limited only
for one change at a time per parameter making it difficult to create
interesting mixes.

Inter-Actors streamlines this placing ACTORS between minimum and maximum
circles on screen. When moving the center points the values of all displayed
actors are enhanced simultaneously.

Inter-Actors is targeted for efficient real-time effect control on
MIDI parameters, such as reverb or delay, to control synthesizers
and drum machines, to provide fast and intuitive sound designing for any
synthesizer. It can also be used to control MIDI P.A. systems.

Of course all smooth changes or memory recalls can be recorded directly in any
compatible MidiShare sequencer (like Logic for example) or in OMS sequencer
by using OpenShare. (OpenShare allows to use OMS  applications and MidiShare
applications at the same time)

Inter-Actors supports the following effect processors and synthesizers,
and is easy to configure for new synths.

LEXICON/PCM70 ver. 3
Roland/SRV & SDE

Matrix 1000
MIDI Volume/Pan
SoundCANVAS (SC55)
Pro Mix 01

The program can be downloaded from CompuServe in the Midi/Music Forum's Library
in the Macintosh Files Section (Filename IADEMO.CPT and IAPM01.SEA) or from the
ftp site <> (Filename InterActors.sea) or at <>.

More MidiShare applications and infos are available at

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