Re getting shared printing to work on HT generally

Re getting shared printing to work on HT generally

Post by Lance Edward » Thu, 15 Feb 2001 07:39:17

I have found NT workstation to be very unsatisfactory in handling shared
printing but have discovered a few ways to get things working. I read that
NT workstation cannot connect to a shared local printer unless it runs
Netbuei protocol and usually you want tcp/ip for the internet. Again if you
cannect as administrator the printer is fine with your profile - ie you
logged on - but invisible to every one else.

One way round is to install the printer locally on every machine to a
virtual port, eg LPT2 then run a script when each person logs on that
machine to connect lpt2 to the shared printer.
eg: net use lpt2 \\workstationname\printersharename\

Unfortunately if you change printers the old connection seems to be retained
in the locally cached copies of the profiles but you can include the switch
"/persistent: no" with the net use command or include the line "net use lpt2
/delete"  first in the script.  This is fiddly but it seems to work every
time.  The script is located in the All Users\start \programs\start up
folder on each machine.  If you have a small network all printing to the
same printer you could use a log-in script on the server instead.

hope this helps someone, Lydia


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