Found a new embedded software

Found a new embedded software

Post by barbara feledzia » Thu, 25 Apr 2002 03:40:52

PC Boot Direct is a complete development suite dedicated to PC, embedded PC
and PC104 platforms.

With PC Boot Direct develop, test and execute simple to complex applications
directly on your PC microprocessor. PC Boot Direct site include on-line
training and documentation.

Visit : to sign-up
for a free non commercial use licence.


1. Directly install new software on XP Embedded???

I have built a XP embedded image which boots correct and
starts everything right. But when I'm using XP embedded I
notice that I cannot install on my new embedded system
any applications, i.e. windows media encoder. Does this
mean that if I want to add an application to my XP
embedded (i.e. winzip, quicktime player) I have to create
a component of that application  (that won't make me
smile!!) ?? Otherwise, is there any component that
activates the possibility of install software via the XP
embedded itself, as in any windows package??

Thanks a lot, folks.

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