Linux PPP <-> NT 3.5 PPP?

Linux PPP <-> NT 3.5 PPP?

Post by Kevin Lay » Tue, 11 Apr 1995 04:00:00

NT 3.5 does PPP via the Remote Access Service (RAS).  From a Windows
95 "final beta" machine I get successfully PPP into the NT machine.
What I'd like to do, however, is PPP in from my linux machine.

The question is, what authentication protocol is used by the NT before
it enters PPP mode?  Anyone out there know?

I'd appreciate an answer via e-mail, to which I'll post a followup to
these groups (once I get something working).


1. Win95's PPP <-> Linux PPP server?

I have a (working) linux PPP server, a (working) win95 box, and a
(working) Livingston Portmaster.

I can make windows 95 connect to the portmaster, and I can make another
linux box connect to the linux server, but I cannot make the win95 box
connect to the linux server.  Are there any special settings or
considerations for Win95's ppp to connect to Linux's PPP ?  Everything
works fine (including proxy-ARP) from the linux perspective, but I seem
to be stuck with win95's hidden stuff it does when it establishes a PPP
connection.  Here is my ppplogin, which runs as this user's shell when
he logs in:

exec /usr/sbin/pppd passive modem crtscts proxyarp :

(TCP/IP information for that address is correct on the windows side.
It all works great if I connect to the portmaster instead.)

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