Weird networking problem (Win98SE, NT4, ICS, DSL)

Weird networking problem (Win98SE, NT4, ICS, DSL)

Post by Onek » Wed, 14 Feb 2001 19:39:58

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I had the same problem - Win98SE running main connection to ADSL modem, two
NICS, ICS, NT4 Server laptop as the client, but the two PCs could not see each
other's files.

A temporary solution I found was to remove the DSL modem's straight-through
cable from the NIC and put the laptop's crossover cable into the first NIC.

I have ZoneAlarm running on the 98SE machine (Medium Security on local network)
but it did not have any role to play in this problem or the solution.

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Subject: Re: Weird networking problem
Date: 2001-01-28 20:40:04 PST

Thanks for the suggestions.  Unfortunatly, none of this helped.
HOWEVER, in the process of testing this, I discoverd that there was a
brief period, while the 98SE client was booting, that I could
succesfully ping its IP address from the server.

So, I stepped through the entire load process (ctrl-F8), but that
didn't help.  the IP connection didn't start ot work until after the
last driver (msmouse) loaded, and then it died before the logon prompt
came up.

So I removed everything from my startup folder, and unchecked almost
everything in the system configuration utility / startup list.  TCP/IP
WORKS!!! I can ping the server from the client, and vice versa.
Unfortunately, I can no longer connect to the internet from that
client.  But at least I can start adding things back in until I figure
out what breaks it.

Thanks again,



1. XP - Win98se networking problem with DSL

Really exhausted troubleshooting this prob.  I have combed the 98 netwoking
newsgroup posts, practrically networked webpages and Netgear webpages for a
fix, but find no fix, so far.  Here is the scenario.....

I have three machines connected through a Netgear MR814 router, two are
wireless the other cabled  .

Dell Inspiron 4150 with a truemobile wireless card running..... WinXPhe
Dell Optiplex Gx1 cabled running..... Win98SE
Gateway Profile with a Belkin USB wireless adapter running.... Win98SE

Internet access is via DSL service provider
All computers have current Windows OS service releases and patches applied
All machines have ZoneAlarm freeware edition configured to allow these
machines and router access

For weeks I have been trying to fix this prob...
When all machines are running, the Win98SE boxes can file share
The XP machine is a now-you-see-it-now-you-don't workgroup member.
Sometimes it appears in my net neighborhood, most often doesn't, until
recently.  The XP can "see" other members in the workgroup but not access

So today, I disconnected the DSL line and shut down Zonealarm firewall on
all machines.  Everyone gets along with each other.  All can see and all can
share.  Okay, I suspect Zonealarm.  I remove and re-add the XP via IP
address.  Launch Zonealarm on all boxes.  Everyone is still happy.... Hmmmm.
I reconnect the DSL line... XP starts acting up again.. can be seen... then
can't be seen.... can be seen again.. no access.. XP may or may not see the
Win98se boxes.  The only change I make is to unplug on plug in the DSL line.

Can someone explain logically what is happening.  Why does only XP drop from
the happy camp when the DSL line is connected.  All machines have always
reliably connected to the web over the DSL connection.  But for some reason
it throws a wrench in my file sharing and even recognition of the XP member.
Find computer or \\theXPmachine addressing never sees it out there ONLY WHEN
DSL is connected.

Thanks.  I need a rest from this one.   lol

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