Office Short Cut tool bar - customize

Office Short Cut tool bar - customize

Post by Faleel Mohidee » Wed, 25 Feb 1998 04:00:00


I am using NT 4.0 and am having some problems with the office short cut
tool bar.
When I choose the "Program mode", not all the buttons come with their
respective icons.
Only the Microsoft Office tools come with icons and the other buttons
show as default files.
Why is that? How do I make sure that the short cut picks up the right

Any help is greatly appreciated. If you could send your replies to

not always contain all the article.


- Faleel


1. Can't launch Office 2000 programs from Short cut bar after installing on Window

I transfered an upgraded edition of Office 2000 from my
old computer to my new computer running Windows XP.  
Everything transfered over by means of a network but my
Office Short cut bar icons won't launch Word, Excel,
etc.  I put in the Office 2000 Upgrade edition disk but
it can't find what it need to correct it.
I can go into Explorer and launch from the program files.
What can I do?
I tried to uninstall but It won't let me do that either
with the Upgrade disk.
Any suggestions?

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