Log of phone calls / "ATDT 911" instead of "ATDT ###".

Log of phone calls / "ATDT 911" instead of "ATDT ###".

Post by Raymond Penner » Wed, 19 Feb 1997 04:00:00


Is it possible to log phone calls to a file (on W95)?  Ideally, I want
to keep a (detailed) log of each call made when getting on the

I did activate "Record a log file" (in the advanced connection
settings). Now, a "ModemLog.txt" file is created, but it contains
insufficient information, as the phone number not logged:

02-18-1997 19:08:01.42 - Dialing.
02-18-1997 19:08:01.42 - Send: ATDT##########<cr>

Also, it isn't quite clear what program was used to make the
connection. For example, I also use a terminal to dial bulletin
boards. The terminal already maintains a log file. I do not want calls
to my ISP (made by the standard W95 internet connection tool), and
calls to a bulletin board appear all together in a single
"ModemLog.txt" (at least, not without the presence of a phone number).

Summarizing, I have the following questions:
 * Is it possible to force phone number logging in the "ModemLog.txt"?
 * Is it possible to create a log of just those calls that were made
   to get on the internet (i.e. calls to my ISP, by ppp/slip/whatever)?
 * Does any program exist that does what I am asking here?

Thanks in advance,


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