How can I change some program associated

How can I change some program associated

Post by Wang Ch » Thu, 16 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hi folks,

My computer used to use dailup network to connect our sever.
I installed network card and connected this machine by using
10base-t a week ago. There are no prolbem on connection, but
if I use start|run|open command to type telnet xxxx, the DNU
connection window popup. I deleted DNU softwre and DNU adapter,
the problem is still there. How can i get rid of it? We also
have problem run ftp in start|run|open, the ftp program try
to use netscape. I can change file type asociating by press
shift key and click right mouse, but can not finger out program.
any input would be most appreciate.


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I've changed the default program for .mpg files to BSPlayer from WinDVD
through the "Open With" feature. That works. But WinDVD's icon persists and
I can't figure out how to change it.

With Win98, I know I could go to "File Types" and change it there, but I
don't see that option with XP. I've looked in the HKCR section of the
registry and see where .mpg's are still listed as an Ivi.MediaFile (WinDVD),
but don't want to muck around too much in there without a clear plan <g>.

I also tried registering the .dll file that came with BSPlayer (since there
is no install of the program, per se), but that didn't work.

Any help appreciated, thanks.


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