WIN95: Dial-up PPP and small network

WIN95: Dial-up PPP and small network

Post by Mike Hack » Wed, 24 May 1995 04:00:00

        I am running WIN95 on 2 computers, which are networked together.  
I was running WFW network protocals on both of them, and then left it up
to WIN95 (preview) to configure itself to the network when I installed
it... so I assume that it left those protocals on the system.  I also
installed TCP/IP on both computers for use as dial-up and for the ne2000
cards.  What I would like to be able to do is have one computer use PPP to
call my internet service, and have the ability to run Internet TCP/IP apps
from either computer.   Is it possible to do this kind of routing?  If so



1. Win 95 Dial-In Networking whiel using Dial-Up Networking (PPP)

Quite simply, I have two modems. One I've tried to use as a Dial-In Server for
my dead-beat friends to access my Internet connection that I have on
permananet dial-up.

If the Dial-Up connection to my provider is disabled, the Dial-In works fine
(had to use my laptop to find this out though). Am I doing something wrong or
is there any way to take advantage of Dial-In while Dialing Up in Win 95.

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 Daryl Manning, Toronto, CANADA
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