A few important stuff you should consider adding / fixing in Windows98!!!!

A few important stuff you should consider adding / fixing in Windows98!!!!

Post by Joff » Thu, 26 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi there. This mail is originally sent to Microsoft (windows 9x department?).
Maybe it's of interest of others too...
I'll be posting it on a few newsgroups too, like a few of the
comp.os.imb.pc.etc... and comp.os.ibm.pc.windows.etc..

I've been using Internet Explorer 4 for a while now, and I'm also had a glance
at windows 98 beta 3 somewhere... What I don't like about it is a few things..
well "don't like" is maybe not the words, but anyway.. :
First of all, you should make a a shortcut for making a folder, cuz it's so
damn irritabel to rightclick and go down the right click menu and choose new,
and then folder each time we want to make a new folder (which happenes a lot of
times, every day. There may be one already (??) but noone I've been talking to
knows of such shortcut. I know for instance of "F2" for renaming a folder /
file, something i do every day, eg using it all the time. Again, all that I
speak with want a shortcut for "make new folder".

Second, a thing that's been a pain in the ass after I installed Internet
Exploere v4.0x (also the same in win98 beta 3 i saw the other day...), is that
I can't see the size of the file(s) in the status bar anymore, without
stretching the file window a lot (see enclosed image).

I think you should make Outlook Express keeping it's mailfiles in one (1) post
file, instead of one file for each folder. Thus.. the one of us that has quite
a few mail folders gets a lot of files on our harddrive. Space is not a
problem, but you know as I do that the more files the slower, and it's much
easier to organize when everything is in one file, it's easier to do a backup

Talking about files, why not put every file in the favorites (internet
bookmarks) into one file, not just giving us a lot fewer files, but also a
faster login for those who uses Windows NT (I do at school). Cuz when you have
many links as I do (about 1000) in my favorites, then it takes awful lot of
time to log onto the network as the computer has to copy every file from my
profile from the server and onto the PC I currently want to use! It takes too
much time, and also too much space!!!! I converted my favorites into Netscape
bookmarks, and you know what? My favorites (IE3&4) took up almost 1100% of what
my netscape bookmark file did, and this was in compressed form (zip). It's lame
and not very userfriendly!!!! But don't get me wrong. You are doing a good job,
IE4 is my favorite (as was IE3 and even IE2!!!(I used IE2 instead of NN3, maybe
I was dumb, but I liked it.. and still am:)

Another thing I've been wondering about... why have you included an old version
of frontpage express, by old i mean a light version based on frontpage 97 and
not based on frontpage 98??

One thing that is really annoying me is that windows 95/98 uses too much space,
but not just that, why all the files.. isn't it possible to link/bundle more
files together making bigger (!) libraries, instead of all those small,
harddisk-space-eating files...?? I can live with a big OS, but I think it's not
all that good with all these files....
This is just a few things I'm remembering at the moment as I write this e-mail.
I've also sent this to a few online news offering sites like C|Net and ZDNet
and a few others, in hope of an reaction, or maybe a solution to some of my

Yours faithfully
Christopher Thorjussen