Contacting HTTP and HTTPS servers with any browser: problem!

Contacting HTTP and HTTPS servers with any browser: problem!

Post by Karel Kuba » Fri, 17 Apr 1998 04:00:00


I've got a problem ever since I tried to contact a secure site via
HTTPS. My browser loads the first HTTPS page, but then fails to retrieve
next pages. The browser simply says "document done", but not a single
byte gets transferred. Or, the browser just keeps thinking that info is
being transferred while nothing at all happens.

Platform info: Windows '95 and/or NT, Netscape and Internet Explorer
servers, dial-up (PPP) connection.

A collegue of mine had a similar problem, but could in the end only
access HTTPS, while HTTP was totally dead.

This occurs with Netscape 3, 4 and with Internet Explorer. I've
reinstalled Netscape 4, but the problem doesn't go away. Same holds for
NT and '95 (on the same machine), it doesn't matter what I boot, HTTPS
simply can't be reached beyond the first page.

So I think that this is a network layer problem. No changes in the
browser settings (certificates, cache, whatever) seem to be helping.

Any suggestions? I'm at a total loss, so any hints will be appreciated!!

I don't read this group every day. Or hit the reply button.

Thanks in advance,
Cheers, Karel


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